Trattoria Fretta Gusto

Restaurant and café is located in the business zone Radnička cesta 1a. Every day we cook interesting and tasty dishes from fresh ingredients...

Tratoria Fretta Gusto is located in the business zone in Radnička Street. Every day we cook interesting dishes from fresh ingredients that we get on the market. We are especially proud of a healthy breakfast that you can order online or you can visit us at our location.


1 review

  1. Excellent cuisine, pleasant ambience and extremely friendly staff.
    It's better than grandma's 🙂
    For all praise!

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10000 Zagreb
Zagreb 10000 City of Zagreb HR
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Mon - Fri: 07 - 17
  • Lunches / Daily menu
  • Hamburgers
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Sandwiches
  • Confectionery